The Opening of a New Book

I didn’t have to think long about the title of my first post. My life has recently changed dramatically. Less than two months ago I accomplished something that many people wish to achieve, graduate college. It was a very exciting and proud moment for me, but it was quickly swept away as something even bigger was approaching. On June 11 I married the man of my dreams. He is currently a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps. So, that means that I will be moving from the place I’ve known for 22 years.

My roots are here in the Midwest. Everything and everyone I know is here. I am comfortable here, and I know what I am capable of here. Some might say I have conquered this life. To keep things interesting then, I think I might make a move to the East Coast. My husband and I will be in Virginia one week from today.

The reason I have even decided to start my own blog really is to keep in touch with all of the loved ones I am leaving behind. First, my family. I am leaving those who know me best behind. My childhood friends. I have certain people in my life that I cannot imagine living without. My “college” friends. In the past few years I have met some truly amazing and caring individuals. Everyone I’ve mentioned (and others) have impacted my life in more ways than imaginable. Now, I feel like it’s my turn.

Not only do I look forward to keeping everyone updated on what I’m doing, but also what I know. I want to share information with as many people as possible. I feel like the more of us that know of the good things this world has to offer and how we can make this world a better place, the more likely that we’ll achieve that.

So, here I am. Opening a new book, a new life. I am more excited about this new adventure than I have been about anything. I look forward to sharing my life with you. Keep in touch!


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