Bean Burgers

A different kick on the good ‘ol patty burger! This burger satisfies all requirements for a burger, it [can] include BBQ sauce, Worcestershire, pickles, K&M, etc, etc. All without the artery-clogging characteristics of red meat! Yay.

Pictures are from my wives event in which we had a Black Bean Burger Bar. I posted directions on the cabinet fronts!

 Just so happens mine is the one that’s falling apart! 🙂

[This is for one burger, adjust accordingly.]

1/3 c. beans (I’ve only used black and pinto, black is my favorite)
1 T. WW flour
{Note: I’ve now had burgers that omit flour and instead use oats or rice.}
Optional Extras (which I highly encourage): couple splashes of Worcestershire, dollop of BBQ sauce, water to moisten beans which makes easier for mashing, 1/4 c. favorite minced veggies (onion, any pepper, corn, etc.), garlic
[All the extras can be added or omitted, scaled to taste, substituted for something else]

Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Spray. In small bowl, place beans and splash of water. Get a fork, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Mash until you can’t see any whole beans. Add flour and any extras, stirring to combine. Form into tight patty.

Place in skillet and let cook for approx. 5 minutes. Find something else to do, and do NOT touch the patty while cooking, this is make it fall apart. Ready your toppings, bun, spinach/lettuce, cheese (provolone and pepperjack rock), K&M, BBQ. Flip. Should be golden brown. Let other side cook 3-4 minutes. Again do NOT touch.

Enjoy! Post your comments, suggestions, feedback here. Feel free to send pictures to my e-mail, so I can add those too.

What do you think?

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