New Table, New project

I went out on a limb a couple weeks ago and went to a yard sale by my lonesome. The neighborhood where I work was having a multi-family sale and I had the all-to-common thought about yard sales, “Well, I might find something good.” You know what I’m talking about. I didn’t go with any one thing in particular that we needed.

I struck it rich, I found that “something good”. A woman was selling a dining table and chairs made of pine and we snagged them for $40! What a steal.

It’s definitely bigger than the table we got from Mom & Dad. It is one we are thinking we can “grow” in, meaning this table is one we would like to keep for 15+ years. I have plans to sand it and stain it a darker color. No big deal, right? It will be a little time consuming, but with Kevin’s two FEX’s coming up, baby I’ve got time! After doing some research though, I am a little nervous. This article in particular has me sweating before I have even started sanding.

Any sanding or staining pros out there have any advice for me? I started sanding one chair, pretty casually, I mean I knew so much as to go with the grain of the wood, but do I really need to start with 100 grit and finish with 220? Any thoughts or advice? Should I purchase the wood conditioner and stain and wax, etc?

As I said, we plan on keeping this table around for awhile so now it’s very important that I don’t thoroughly screw this up.

Check out the kid’s artwork.

 Can you see the red paint there by the edge? Yeah, it’s everywhere, red, yellow, green. Love it! She said the table got moved to the basement a couple years ago, got to love a good ‘ol craft table.
Not sure if you can see their carving, “Shea”. Too funny!
Also, I saw a staining/paint job on a table that I thought was so cute. They stained the top a dark brown and painted the legs/bottom black. I like it and it looked good, but what do you guys think? Too modern for this old-fashioned, “we would rather buy everything used” couple?
Chili and homemade apple cake for 4 hungry Marines. I even got one to try a good ‘ol Ince tradition, dipping PB&J in the chili. He didn’t really like it, which was okay with me, homemade PB doesn’t last long around here. Just so you know what I was up against, one of Kevin’s roommates was a linebacker for Navy and another played rugby there, the other played baseball. Big.Boys. It was great, they left stuffed full and droopy-eyed. Kev’s passed out on the couch. I may have to carry him to bed. Good night!

6 responses to “New Table, New project

  1. It was good. I was nervous because it came out of the oven looking nothing like when you make it. It definitely tasted different, but it was lighter and the boys said it was the most delicious “healthy dessert” they've ever had! haha. I'll put up the recipe and substitutions.


  2. I happen to have been staining things for the past 6 years, so if you need tips I am your girl. Remember stain is oil based so you will need to do it in a garage over plastic or a tarp. You will need room because the sander will make a mess and you will need to have room to flip the table on both sides, and the top. Also that means either buy a staining brush or use a rag because its going to be there forever unless you get paint thinner (or mineral spirits). Mineral Spirits is so much easier on your skin and doesn't have that horrible smell paint thinner does. Standing is a breeze if you have an Orbital sander, but if you are using a belt sander(band sander, is it's nick name) then be VERY careful, because not only will you probably take way too many layers off but it is very dangerous because of how powerful it is and takes all my arm power to keep it from jumping off the project and into my lap. Use sand paper squares for the corners and by the legs and in nooks and then you should be good to go. Depending on the wood, you may want to oil it after you stain it but it also depends on the stain style you so and that is a totally sep story. haha. Good Luck!


  3. Thanks Tam. I bought a little “mouse” sander, but it's still taking Forever! I've got paper for the edges, the mouse comes with tips for all the nooks and crannies. Based on my research I think I'm going to buy some oil. We don't have a garage, only a little patio. The mouse sucks up most of the dust, so I'll do most of the sanding on the patio, but will sand the table and do staining outside I guess. Thanks for all the tips!


  4. I'd stick with a natural wood color. I have a friend who did the wood top, black legs on an island and stools. I like it but think you'd get tired of it. Solid wood is classic. It looks like a great find!


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