DIY Simple Curtains

I shared with you guys that our back door did not have blinds or curtains, along with our kitchen window. Now there aren’t many people around us, but we still didn’t like the fact that someone could peek in on us. Solution: a little bit of good ‘ol country time denim and 30 minutes. Okay, maybe my supply list was a bit longer than that. These are not fancy curtains by any means, something simple, but fitting to our style (Kevin decided he wanted denim–to match our couch pillows I covered, of course!). In a book with stories from military wives, one thing I read was that throughout my military life I would spend a lot of money for curtains that fit all of our many homes. Going along with my DIY life, I thought I would just make some. It is cheaper that way and if these curtains don’t fit our next home, I’ll use the fabric for something else.

First, the way I constructed them. Measure your window, add 2 inches to the width and 3 inches to the length. This is how I did it as I made 1/4 inch seams along sides and bottom and a 2 inch seam for the loop to go around my rod. Now, your measurements may be a little different so the only thing you need to take from this: Do not cut your fabric to the exact size of your window!

 I tie the curtain back during the day with a handkerchief that belonged to my Aunt Mary. Classic look.

 At night, the handkerchief is laid over the top or the magnetic rod.

The kitchen window is pictured here, and I love that I could use the fabrics rough edge for the bottom of this curtain.

Okay, so I realized how poor the picture quality was after I uploaded the photos. I thought it would be cool to get the snow falling, but I’ll try to remember to take another picture tonight when it’s not brighter outside than inside.

 So, following the Confessions post, I wanted to show everyone the way my kitchen looks at the present moment and at least once a week! 🙂 I’m hoping to break this habit before I have kids so dish washing right after supper will be a “family tradition”.
One last thing for this morning: I had Aunt Jemima’s frozen waffles for breakfast! Yes, a box of waffles was only .99 so I bought two. We’re short on eggs until we see Mom again and I was tired of eating cereal/oatmeal!

5 responses to “DIY Simple Curtains

  1. Thanks Alicia!
    Aunt Bev- I think about her every time I sit down at my machine. I thought I was prepared to start my quilt, but realized my sewing machine needs a little tweaking for me to get the exact 1/4 in. seam!! (I found out the hard way)


  2. Did you get different feet attachments with your machine? Check them out as one may work better for 1/4 in seam. Have any trouble with machine just do a web search for problem. Kylie brought hers over, it was skipping stitches. I thought is was the bobbin case had a burr on it. Search said needle, slightly bent, and she had broken one. Also her needle was too large for material she was sewing on. Changed needle, it was fine. aunt bev


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