Coconut Oil Popcorn

As a little girl, I can remember spending the night with my grandparents and we would get air popped popcorn. The whole experience was very fun. I can remember Grandpa Red standing at the stove watching over the bursting kernels. Pop! Pop!..POP POP POP!….Pop….Pop…

He had to take the big pot off the heat at exactly the right moment. It was quite an operation. After the popping stopped, he would divvy up the steamy treat between my sister, brother, and I. They had different colored metal bowls we would stick our little fingers in to get the crunchy snack.

I have found myself enjoying things that bring back childhood memories. Making my own popcorn is just one of them.

I know that the modern convenience of microwave popcorn may leave you questioning why one might want to take the time to make their own. There are lots of reasons. First being that stove-popped popcorn does not take much longer to make than its microwave cousin. Honestly, if you have the ingredients readily available, which you should, the whole sha-bang might take 5 minutes.

Another reason? I think it is the small tasks such as this that bring families together. I can remember Grandpa putting me up on the counter and letting me peek into the pot of popping corn. It was so exciting. I would jump every time some corn popped!

Why we don’t eat bagged popcorn

The Bag: the chemical (PFOA–the real name cannot be pronounced by most adults) that leeches into the popcorn has been linked to cancer. This same chemical is in the wrapping of lots of junk food and fast food.

Natural butter flavor: is actually not so natural. Anything with “natural flavor” (which is most anything in a box) is a combination of different chemicals formulated by scientists to taste a certain way. After watching a segment on natural flavoring, I learned that there are over 130 combination of raspberry natural flavoring. Really? And since when did it make sense to have scientists deciding what I should eat?

The Kernels: unless labeled as organic or non-GMO, you can almost bet that the popcorn you are eating is made from genetically modified or engineered corn. We avoid those in our house.

Stovetop Coconut Oil Popcorn

3 tablespoons  coconut oil
1/3 cup organic popcorn kernels
grass-fed butter (We love Kerrygold)
Real Salt and pepper

Turn stove to medium heat. Place 3 tablespoons of oil in pot along with 3-4 kernels and S&P, place lid on. Wait for all kernels to pop.

Remove pot from heat, add 1/3 cup kernels and cover. Shake the pot back and forth and count to 30. (This allows the kernels to heat up to the temperature of the oil, and all will start the popping process at the same temp, resulting in less unpopped kernels in the end.)

Place pot back on stovetop, tilt lid (this allows the steam to escape and prevent corn from being soggy). Remove the pot once the popping occurs 3-5 seconds apart. Place in large bowl.

Adding butter can be done a few ways. First, allow for a few minutes to pass (if you can), then add butter to hot pot, once melted drizzle on popcorn. If you add it too soon, the pot will still be very hot and will burn the butter. Another option is just to take chunks of butter and place over popcorn, use hands to mix throughout popcorn.

Do you cook your popcorn on the stove? Do you recall any memories of helping in the kitchen when you were young, even if that meant just watching and learning?


8 responses to “Coconut Oil Popcorn

  1. When you said air pop I thought air pop machine which Gpa also had but in later years. He or Mom popped corn back as far as I can remember. It was a Rogers family tradition for Sunday evening meals. And I remember Jiffy pop skillets for camping, don't want to know what was in them. I still have pop corn almost every Sunday night but Gpa got out of habit this winter. I see those colored metal bowls at flea markets and now some new catologs. I think he bought them at auction. But they had set of bowls, glasses and pitcher when I was smaller. aunt bev


  2. I remember this tradition from as far back as I can remember, too. I can picture him at the table reading, his hand moving steadily back and forth from bowl to mouth. It was a silver metal bowl in those days. I think/hope my kids remember making and eating popcorn with Grandpa as well.


  3. Aunt Bev- Mom said she thought the same thing- so I had to change the name. I don't plan on having popcorn every Sunday night, although I would love to keep the tradition going once I have kids. I am going to start looking for those bowls now.

    Christina- Now that you mention Gpa eating and reading, I share that memory too!


  4. Brianne, it's yummy, easy, low in calories (if you don't douse in butter), and you can feel good about eating it. I have actually read that article I believe. Also, from start to finish this way of cooking popcorn doesn't take much longer than popping microwave corn. Enjoy!


  5. Like reading your blog. I also have a recipes/craft one..

    Do you guys have a microwave Jerri Ann?


  6. A fellow blogger right across the street? Wow. What a cute name.

    We are microwave-free actually. We were in VA for a bit, then sold it when we moved b/c our house in MO had one. Then we moved here and that wasn't one, so I knew it was time to rid of it for good. 🙂


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