WOD: Filthy 5

{I didn’t work out twice today, are you crazy?! I did this one Tuesday and just realized it didn’t post!!}

Equipment: watch, dumbbells (I started with 15’s)*

5 Rounds:
 4 dumbbell exercises, 5 reps each exercise
Watch video here. **

Time: 6:15***

*The first couple of times, use a weight you feel you can easily lift. You want to perfect your form first and work off of muscle memory later. I worked my way up to alternating, 3 rounds with 15 lbs and 2 rounds with 10lbs. Now I’m doing 20’s, sometimes alternating with 15’s.
 **Pay attention to the form in the first round, not the last. Many people commented that the form was so poor in the last round that someone could have broken something, maybe they’re right. However, once you get the workout out down, your form, while it should not be detrimental to your health, should progressively show through the rounds that you’re working hard.
***This is my PR (personal record), I just achieved yesterday. The first time I did this workout, my time was about 12-13 minutes.  

PS- This is a go-to workout for me. It takes no time at all, it’s fun. You’ll work hard. The first time I did this workout, Kevin had to help me out of the gym. So, seriously, take it easy the first couple of times.

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