Pr. 30:33

As the beating of cream yields butter
and striking the nose causes bleeding,
so stirring up anger [and having a sharp tongue and a hard heart*] causes quarrels.

*Added by me.

Action—>Consequence. There are instances in which we know doing A will cause B. The Bible teaches us that having anger in our hearts will result in enemies. It is also my belief that this verse refers to a lashing tongue, someone who does not think before they speak and someone who has hardened their heart against others and sees only their way. Our words are the only way others can know our hearts, and they will remember if our words were tender and loving, or short and hurtful.


5 responses to “Pr. 30:33

  1. “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me” is such a UNtrue statement. Words matter.


  2. Aunt C- I agree, whoever said that was severely mistaken. Words definitely matter, and I think just as important as the words themselves, are HOW they are spoken. One aspect of Kevin's household growing up, that I hope to adopt into my own is that everyone will use kind words with one another. The world can be cruel, and people on the outside will tear us down, but our house will be a place of encouragement and building one another up! 🙂


  3. In my classroom I don't allow the students to say crap, stupid, shut up, etc. (I call them my pet peeves.) It's hard for them at first because they talk like that without even knowing it. Pretty soon they are catching each other and more importantly themselves saying a “pet peeve” or “the S word.” I had a student write me a letter once telling me that she thought she was a kinder and better person for it.


  4. That's great Christina. While we may not consider those words to be “bad words”, they are still not nice. I am sure the kids love that your classroom is a safe environment, sounds like it since one of them wrote you a letter!! You're so inspiring.


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