Eating Well on the Road

Being on the road is fun, adventurous, and exciting. It is also hazardous to your health, and I’m not just referring to the crazies driving next to you.

Eating well and getting enough to drink while on the road can be a challenge. When I am driving for more than an hour I tend to not drink any water. On  a normal day, I visit the restroom at least 12 times due to the volume of water I drink. However, stopping to use the restroom is not something that any person seems to like doing. I feel the same. But I think it’s time we change our way of thinking. More water. Packed snacks. Fresh, whole foods.

Pack Your Own


Fresh fruit including apples, bananas, peaches, oranges or anything else in season, yogurts, homemade muffins (like these), granola bars
Are you camping? Pack a cast iron skillet and dice some veggies, grab your farm fresh eggs, some homemade bread for toast and put together a yummy little dish!


Trail Mix, again fresh fruit–lots of it, nuts, no nuke popcorn, mashed avocado on toast/bread (my new favorite!!), rice cakes<—-why do I love those? They have one ingredient, they are crunchy. Do I need another reason? pepperonis, cheese, and crackers!


Sandwich fixings, beans, rice, peppers, onions, and salsa in one jar eaten with chips or in tortilla (LOVE this), fruit, cheese sticks


1. Before you leave on your trip (and if you know where you’ll be staying), research local food joints.
2. Look up parks or other fun places to eat your packed lunch so you aren’t tempted to hit the McD’s drive-thru.
3. See when the local farmer’s market is open while you’re in town. 
4. Ask around. Locals (sometimes) love to share all the things that make their town so great.

113 degree temperatures and high winds kept us from reaching our goal destination, Limon, CO. So, we’re still in Kansas for the night.


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