Ingredient Spotlight: Peaches

Check out my post on peaches over on MAK today.

You’ll find some yummy peach recipes as well as see how I freeze my peaches to enjoy them all year long.

What are some of your favorite peach recipes?


2 responses to “Ingredient Spotlight: Peaches

  1. I am trying to remember how Grandma Ruthie froze peaches. I know she skinned and sliced them. She did not freeze in juice or use lemon juice that I recall. I don't think she added any sugar either. I do remember eating them when they were still a little frozen. It was always a yummy treat in the middle of a dreary midwestern winter.


  2. Oh, yum. I actually just had someone comment on my MAK post and she said she just peeled, sliced, and put in a baggie without anything. Maybe that's what Grandma did? I might try that before the peaches run out this year!


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