Dry Beans in the Crock Pot

When’s a good time for beans? Anytime. You can make baked beans (yes, make, not buy) in the summer for BBQ’s, add them to most soups, they’re a must-have for chili. Beans and rice are a meal all on their own. Beans are one of the most flexible foods.

5 Reasons I love Dried Beans (instead of canned)

  1. I like having dry so that I can cook up as much as I want, and then some. We always have cooked beans either in the fridge ready to throw into tacos, eggs, with salsa and corn. If you can’t find any in the fridge, try the freezer.
  2. Let’s be honest, mason jars are so much cuter than metal cans.
  3. BPA have you heard of it? It’s found inside most canned goods–if the can doesn’t say “BPA-free”, you can assume it’s in there, water bottles, and other plastic products. It mimics estrogen and is linked to infertility and cancer.
  4. It’s cheaper, much cheaper. Need I say more?
  5. I love my crock pot. 


Cooking Dry Beans in the Crock Pot

1 cup beans
2 cups water (or broth/stock for added flavor)
crock pot

Add your beans and liquid to the crock pot. Set on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-8. You decide what’s best for you. We go through enough beans that most times I double this amount.

Go run errands. Walk the dog. Take a nap. Make peanut butter. Heck, go to bed.

Please note: Soaking beans prior to cooking is recommended (learn how to here) as it lowers the phytic acid and thus allows for grains, seeds, nuts, and beans to be digested more easily. Get the scientific explanation here.

I usually always have one pint size (or about) jar in my refrigerator for a quick snack and put the rest in jars and keep in the freezer until we need them.


What are your favorite beans? Do you buy dry or canned?


2 responses to “Dry Beans in the Crock Pot

  1. Honestly, I have always been scared and maybe not patient enough to soak and cook beans. I have never tried it. Is there any tricks to freezing them? I have learned that the freezer (and the crockpot) are my best friends in the kitchen!! And yes, I think of beans as a source of protien.


  2. Bri, I think for me it's the patience. I have been baking soaked bread and making yogurt, both of which take a couple days. The beans may have to come later.
    No trick to freezing them. I just drain them and put them in jars (any jars really), then put them up in the fridge a day before I think I'll need them.
    Same about the freezer and crock for me!


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