Whole Food Pantry

 One of the things I am really, really looking forward to is rebuilding my pantry. You know sometimes you look in your pantry and think, “why did I even buy that?” Or, “I wish I hadn’t bought that, now I feel like I have to use it.”

Well, one of the best parts about settling in the kitchen, is rebuilding the pantry (at least in my opinion).
I made my shopping list based around a few things: (1) things we love to eat and (2) things that we should eat. I also got a little help from my friends at:
The Naked Kitchen

Whole wheat flour
White whole wheat flour
All-purpose flour
Brown rice flour
Almond flour
Garbanzo bean flour
Coconut flour
Most flours need to be kept in the refrigerator.

Peanut butter (homemade)
Almond butter
Ground flax seed

Brown rice pasta
Whole wheat pasta (phasing out)
Wild rice
Brown rice

Beans/Lentils (dry):
Black beans
Navy white
Brown lentils

Dried Fruit:

White distilled
Apple cider
Red wine

Shelf by Shelf

  What I keep on the bottom
 -potatoes (including russet, golden, and sweet), onions, garlic
-sushi making kit
-organic marinara sauce
-lemon juice
-homemade all-purpose cleaner

 Second to bottom
-Dried fruit
(I keep the bags with instructions behind the wire shelf)

 Easily reachable shelf
 -Triscuits (maybe the one processed cracker I can’t give up)
-Chips (I try to keep this as whole food as possible, I go for Archer Farm’s organic blue chips with flax or anything by Food Should Taste Good)
-Granola bars

Eye Level Shelf
-Protein powders

Out of Sight
 -Extra jars
-canned goods (we don’t keep much other than organic tomato paste, artichoke hearts and we always have canned tuna)

Out Reach
 -My preserves: jam, salsa
-More extra jars

Also, these things are not in my pantry, but in other cabinets and I felt like you needed to know about them.

-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Organic butter

My Baking Cabinet:
-100% cocoa powder
-baking soda
-baking powder
-instant yeast 

Well, now that you’ve taken a virtual tour around my kitchen, I’ll share the pictures of our cabinets without the doors (here you go, Brianne!).

 As you can see, you can definitely get by with a few different ingredients on a whole food diet. Honestly, there’s something about having only what you need to make things that are good for you. Before our whole foods journey started there would be no way I could take the doors off my cabinets. Nope, no way. Boxed goods don’t look nearly as pretty as jars. (Trick: of the few things that I do buy in boxes or bags—Triscuits, chips, pasta—I put in jars!)

What’s something new that you’ve bought recently to further your whole foods journey? Are you willing to try some of things I have recently put in my pantry?


4 responses to “Whole Food Pantry

  1. Love your new open cabinets! Where do you buy your dried fruit? I just bought some ground flaxseed meal, and I just keep it in my freezer. I use it in everything, pancakes, muffins, smoothies, oatmeal, zucchini chips. I have some quinoa, but haven't cooked with it yet. I think the next thing to go in my pantry will be some dry beans. 🙂


  2. Thanks, sis. We love them too.
    I buy a lot of my dried fruit from the bulk bins at the grocery. Otherwise, I just look for some sweetened with juice (which is hard to find!!). Some of the ladies on MAK have built a simple dehydrator and dry fruit themselves!
    I can my ground flax in the freezer as well.


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