Favorite Kitchen Tools

I need your help. I’m doing a bit of research for writing purposes and would love to hear from you. Don’t ask any questions and nobody will get hurt. You will find out soon enough why I’m asking this of you.

Here it is. I would like to know what your favorite or most useful kitchen gadget is. OR a kitchen gadget that you would loove to get as a gift. No, this is not me being sneaky about my Christmas shopping, I need these for research, remember?

Okay, fire away. If you have more than one, I would love to hear about them all!

Thank you and God bless.

PS- My favorite/most useful is probably my blender/processor combo or veggie peeler šŸ™‚


10 responses to “Favorite Kitchen Tools

  1. A good quality vegetable peeler. I like mine from Pampered Chef. If I use a knife on vegetables, huge hunks come off instead of nice, thin peels. I can't use the cheap peelers very well. I am not sure why. Do you think it has anything to do with being left handed?


  2. I love my wooden spoons. Especially this time of year when I make lots of soups. For one they don't scratch the stick-free pots and on metal pots I don't like the sound of metal on metal!


  3. I agree a good peeler is essential. I can't peel with a knife. Beverly gave me a nice ceramic one for Christmas a couple of years ago.
    Love my garlic press (one of my only pampered chef purchases that gets regular use).
    Good knives


  4. Most of us couldn't do with out good sharp knives or cutting boards but I treasure my steamer basket. Love veggies steamed. And it doesn't get used weekly or monthly but I would hate to do with out my apple peeler, corer, slicer. Can go through a batch of apples really fast. Uniform for drying, which is what I originally bought it for 20 years ago. But can prepare apples for pies or applesauce in a snap. Can set to only core, core and slice, core and peel, or all 3. and easy to clean up. Older hands get tired of peeling and slicing. Darn but I have a third. Cookie, melon scoop..fast and uniform. aunt bev


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