Homemade Gift #24: Advent Calendar

 I can’t ever remember having one growing up, but I love the idea of an advent calendar.
I have seen so many different calendars, that I was honestly confused about the purpose of them. An advent is the arrival of a notable person, this one specifically is the coming of Christmas, Christ’s birth. 

Yes, having a little house with a door for each day and candy inside is cute and fun and I’m sure the kids love it. But what about using an advent calendar to teach kids (and adults) about the “true meaning of Christmas”. Uck, I hate that cliche.

There are so many ways to do this, you can share a Bible verse each day along with some homemade treat. Triple Chocolate Truffle, anyone? Maybe even throw in a Christmas craft every few days.

Here you can find verses to read each day in December leading up to Christmas.
This blog shows you how to make a simple ribbon and pouch calendar and gives great scriptures for daily reading leading up to Christmas.

Need something even easier than that? Free Printable Advent Cards
Just print, cut, and put into your calendar.

You can just use paper to share scripture.
You can buy little magnetic canisters (often used for spices) to put a treat and scripture on your refrigerator.
Use various pieces of cardboard to make one.
Sew some pouches together.
Clip brown paper bags onto twine.

Or maybe the cutest advent calendar I’ve seen and I so so so want to make, use an old soda crate and wrapping paper/gift tags. 

Do you have an advent calendar you share every year?


2 responses to “Homemade Gift #24: Advent Calendar

  1. I am in the process of making an advent calender for a friend! Her birthday is November 26th and she's never had one either. I spent a little time shopping around for one (since Christmas stuff has been out in stores for a month now!) but didn't find one I loved. So far it's pretty cute, I'll have to share a picture when it's all finished 🙂


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