Homemade Turkey Stock

Did you put your Thanksgiving turkey carcass in the freezer like I did? If not, there is always Christmas or next year. I knew I wanted to make a stock out of my turkey bones, but didn’t have time to until now.

Making turkey stock is very similar to making Vegetable Stock,  you just need a turkey.
Turkey carcass (may need to be broken into pieces to fit in pot)
Vegetable scraps (carrot, celery, onion, garlic)
Water (enough to cover by 1 inch)

Place turkey bones in pot, breaking up if necessary. If you kept the giblets, add those too. Add vegetable scraps and cover with water.

Cover pot and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat and skim off any foam off the top. Allow to simmer for approximately 3 hours.

Allow to cool, remove bones and veggie scraps. Strain through colander if necessary. Put in jars and refrigerate for a week or freeze the cooled stock for 4-6 months.

Add flavor to beans or rice by cooking in stock. Add to soups. Easy folks and a great way to save money in the kitchen!

How do you reuse your kitchen “scraps”?


7 responses to “Homemade Turkey Stock

  1. I make turkey noodle soup as well. I use the recipe in my “red and white checked cookbook” — Better Homes? It's called Turkey Frame Soup, but it wasn't in Beverly's version of the book.
    You can use any vegetable you want — I use cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, carrots, canned tomatoes. We like it with the thick egg noodles that you buy frozen. Oregano is the seasoning. It's an annual post-holiday tradition at the Ballard household.


  2. That is one thing I love about soups, so flexible. The last couple of weeks I have “thrown together” about 5 soups! 🙂 I made a chicken and dumpling (the dumpling were homemade and more like “egg noodle”) but I think that might become a tradition in our house, just for anytime. 🙂


  3. Several years ago Clela made some of her dumplings for us and I was expecting the flour ones like I make. They were like the homemade noodles I also make. Both are delicious no matter what you call them. Still have my turkey in freezer. aunt bev


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