Marriage Purpose Statement 2012

What’s the purpose of your marriage? Why are you in it? What are you doing to help enrich it?

One of the tasks of a Bible study I was doing was to write a statement about what kind of wife I want to be. I had to think about what I would want my husband to say about me at my funeral and reflect on those things, recognizing that those things were important to me. I chose to write my marriage purpose statement as a letter or poem to my husband.

Everything has a purpose on this earth.

As your wife it is my responsibility to—
Love you unconditionally.
Lift you up with words of praise and encouragement.
Respect you and learn from you.
Treat every day with you as a gift.
Treat you as a gift.
Hold you a close second to our Father.
Remain faithful and true to my word.
Put myself in your shoes.
Shed selfishness, and be your helper, your Ezer.
Give myself freely to you.
Cling to God’s Word and strive to live it out each day.
Forgive and let go of all wrongs.
See crises as an opportunity to grow closer.
Trust in your abilities.
See you as the leader of our household.
Grow closer to Christ with you.
Love you until my last breath.
Husband, it is my desire to be the wife I was meant to be for you. These statements cannot portray the amount of love and respect I have for you. I love you darling, and one day whether it’s sooner or later, I hope you will be able to read these statements and know in your heart that each are true.
The idea behind a marriage purpose statement is to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. I find that I am pretty good at some of these things, but pretty miserable at others. As you read, my goal is for Mr. Ezer to be able to read this one day and truly know that I was great or good at showing him each of these things.

Do you have a purpose for your marriage? Are you an intentional wife today or would you like to become one starting now?


What do you think?

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