Alternative Christmas Traditions

As a newlywed couple (without kids) we get to start new Christmas traditions of our own. This is something my husband and I have talked a lot about, but we will probably “experiment” for a couple of years (it might take me a couple years to get recipes just right or things made).

As Christians, this is a very special time for us. Celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior is what Christmas is really about. I can’t say that I know where some of the modern day Christmas traditions like filling your house with gifts, sitting on a fat guy’s lap and telling him what you want, or decorating a tree come from, but we do know and recognize the “true meaning of Christmas”. This is our adventure in trying to keep Christmas the day we celebrate the birth of Christ.


We plan to make it a tradition in our house to always go to a Christmas Eve church service. This allows us to worship our Lord and one day, talk to our kids about what this holiday really means.

The star my husband and I made from twigs, twine, and chicken wire.


Creating a cute advent calendar that has daily Scriptures about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus during the Christmas season is a great way to dedicate a time and space for him. I’ve experimented with a few different calendars over the years, and once we have kids I think I’ll make one that’s more interactive.


This one might take a couple years, but families always have something special they fix/have on Christmas. In my house it was Christmas morning rolls. Those delicious, sugary, chewy treats had enough sugar in them to keep me going for hours! Without shying too far from that tradition, I am going to try my hand at homemade, wholesome cinnamon rolls. This is a tradition that might take me awhile to perfect, but one that we want to keep around. I’m sure the menu will change from year-to-year but the goal for us is to have real, nourishing food.


We try very hard to live minimally and Christmas will be no different. This year we are starting a tradition that we wholeheartedly plan to keep in place once we have children. Instead of making Christmas day about opening gifts, we want to focus on some of the other things mentioned above, food, church, memory making.

For our house, we do a 4 gift rule, and we plan to keep this in place when the kiddos start coming.

Something you want
Something you need
Something you wear
Something you read

You can have fun with this by making the gifts surprises or ask for input, but the goal is too keep gifts (and really finances) to a minimum.

The angel said to Joseph, “the child within her has been conceived by the Holy Spirit. And she will have a son, and your are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. 
Matthew 1: 20-21

Did you start new Christmas traditions after leaving your parent’s home? What traditions do you do on/around Christmas to remember the birth of Christ?


2 responses to “Alternative Christmas Traditions

  1. We also talk about what we will do with future kids…we are debating between the 4 gifts like you mentioned, or doing 3 gifts-because the Wise Men brought Jesus 3 gifts. But yeah, definitely keeping the focus on Jesus (have you seen FB updates where people are up all night wrapping gifts?!?! No one needs that much STUFF. I digress). Merry Christmas and congrats on being an Aunt again!


  2. 3 gifts is a great idea, I really like that. Yes, I just saw all the posts about wrapping this morning. No way, Jose. One thing that bothers me is when I tell people that we plan to do this, and they say something like, “oh yeah, you say that now!” Rude. Our Christmas Eve service was about Simeon, I didn't know who he was. He's in Luke 2:25, our pastor talked about how he should be in the nativity scene. Beautiful story. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    And thank you, Benson is a miracle and beautiful gift. 🙂


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