7 Ways to Get More Water

We need water to survive. I think we might all know that at this point. Did you realize that we an survive longer without food than without water? It is critical to our survival. Fortunately, most things have small amounts of water in them so we are nourishing our bodies without even realizing it.

How to Know You’re Dehydrated

-Not urinating often, or dark urine (it should look like lemonade or lighter)
-Dry mouth
-Dizziness/light headed

Let’s just all agree to drink more water together. With these simple tips I think we can do it.

1. Wake up with it. Before you have your morning coffee drink a tall glass of cold water. Actually, let’s just start with a glass of cold water, it doesn’t even have to be tall. Here’s 5 Reasons to start your day with lemon water.  

2. Carry it. I cannot suggest that you go out and buy a 24-pack of plastic water bottles. Not even if you promise to recycle them. Nope, can’t do it and you shouldn’t do it. However, at this point I just want you to have water with you all day. Take water with you everywhere you go. Yes, even if you’re hopping on the car for a 20-minute errand.

3. Flavor it. Right when my husband starting drinking more water he lost interest in it quickly. He said it was boring and bland. Who can blame him. Stick a lime or lemon wedge in your bottle and have a nice day. Try an orange or some berries.

4. Heat it up. Instead of brewing up coffee in the AM, make some tea. Check the ingredients, you don’t want anything with added flavors or colors. I love Yogi brand and have recently been getting loose leaf tea. Here are two simple tea recipes for starters.

5. Invest. Get yourself a snazzy reusable water bottle. If you spend a bit of money on it (PS- A “bit” of money to me is around $15, just sayin), you’re more likely to drink from it and hopefully before the newness of the bottle wears you will have already made filling it up a new habit.

6. Write on it. The best way to keep track of how much you’re drinking is to have it in writing. I try to rely on my memory, but let’s face it. It fails. So, let’s not buy too snazzy of a bottle and write out on the side. The bottle I have has the ounces labeled. Some simple math here: 9-13 cups daily for most women and men, respectively (72-104 oz). In a 15 hour day, you need to be drinking 4.8-6.9 ounces an hour. So, on your water bottle next to the 4 oz. mark, write “9AM” and so on and so forth.

7. Replace. Whatever your “go to” drink may be right now, replace one of them with water. Do you always drink 2 cups of coffee in the AM? Replace one with water. Do you have multiple sodas (or any other sugary drink) in one day? Replace one with water. Flavor it if you need to get the flavor.

Do you have more tips on how to drink more water? Do you flavor your water naturally?


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