3 Mainstream “Truths” We Should Question

My husband and I recently had a conversation about what mainstream tells us. Call us skeptics or irrational, but we concluded that we don’t want to rely on those who are making a profit to tell us what we “should be doing”. For instance, about 3 years ago I went from brushing my teeth twice a day to once. I had heard that the things in toothpaste actually strip your teeth of enamel. Why would “dentist recommended” toothpaste do such damage? Well, that’s because dentists make money every time you visit their office.

I have been toying with the idea of removing shampoo from my regimen as well. Learn more here and here. I realized that Pantene does not actually care if I have “stong, luminous” hair. The chemicals they put in their products are testament to that. Shampoo actually strips your hair of its natural oils (resulting in increase in production and make your hair oily more quickly). I have struggled with oily hair, dry hair, dandruff and every other “hair issue” that you have. Time to try a more natural approach.

On to what this post was intended for: Questioning Mainstream.

I always get excited to see articles related to diet and health, hoping that the author isn’t going to brainwash its readers. I’m usually disappointed, as was the case of this week’s “health section”. The following are some statements found in the article, each followed by what I believe to be healthy. (Note: I am not a doctor nor a dietician, I cannot prescribe a diet regimen to anyone. These are merely my opinions: some things to consider.)

  • Substitute two egg whites for one egg.
    • Why have eggs gotten such a bad reputation? The yolk some say will raise cholesterol and increase risk of heart attack and other serious health threats. Others argue that the vitamins found in the yolk are essential to health.
    • My concern: When doctors tell you to avoid egg yolks, what are they recommending in place of them? Egg white omelets? Many of the nutrients found in eggs are in the yolks. Egg replacements like Egg Beaters? Some of the additional ingredients in these are corn oil and natural flavors, among other things.
  • Use ground turkey, ground chicken, tofu or textured soy protein instead of ground beef.
    • I don’t personally have a problem with ground turkey or chicken, make sure they are pastured though and free of hormones.
    • When I tell people that I don’t eat meat, they automatically assume I eat tofu. Sorry to disappoint, but I do not. Today, soy is thought of as a health food, but instead it has estrogen-mimicking compounds that may be dangerous if consumed as high levels. Not to mention, nearly 100% of the soy products sold here are GMO. TSP (textured soy protein) involves heavy processing of soybean oil with the use of toxic chemicals. It’s not something that can be made in your kitchen, stay away!
    • When choosing ground beef look for 100% organic and grass-fed beef, avoid conventionally raised beef that is full of toxins, chemicals, and what’s left of the antibiotics the cows were given.
  • Reduce high-fat dairy. Choose skim or one percent milk.
    • Read my recent post on trendy diet terms to be aware of, included is the “low fat/no fat” fad.  Then you can read about why Joanna eats butter here. If you decide to not read them, here’s the takeaway: dairy is supposed to be fattening (milk’s original purpose was to fatten young), so buy full-fat and eat less. Low/No-fat dairy is full of artificial sweeteners and artificial sodium to help with taste.

The biggest takeaway of this whole post to question what you’re told. No matter what it is. I’m not just referring to your diet either, question everything. When the overall message of the mainstream is to replace what has been around for thousands of years with something that was manufactured in a laboratory, we have a serious problem. Why do you think there is such a prevalence in diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other life-threatening conditions in the last 100 years?

Lastly, as a Christian, I have to go back to what is natural. I believe that God created the earth and everything that occurs naturally in it. With the manipulation of nearly everything, we are so far removed from what is “natural”. When cows are raised in their natural environment, and in case you don’t know what that is, it’s a grass-filled pasture with room to roam, graze, lay about, soak up sun, and tend to their young, the products we get from them can significantly improve our health.

What mainstream lies about diet or health have you believed in the past that you now know aren’t true?

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