The Study of John

My Bible study group is finishing up the study of John. This book is the last of the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). It is choke-full of guidance and instruction from Jesus.

The author of this book, John, was one of Jesus’ disciples. He often refers to himself as “the one Jesus loved”. Jesus loved him so much, that as he was dying on the cross he told John to take care of his mother, Mary.

Tips for Studying John

Break it Up My group chose to study this book verse by verse. We broke up the 21 chapters into a few verses a day, anywhere from 10-25.

Journal Along with small daily readings, I “journaled my way through John”. This was an incredible experience. I would start my entry with my prayer, and it’s fun to go back through and see where God was working in my life

Pray The book of John is full of direct instructions from Jesus. It also deals with several difficult and moving issues, the death of Jesus Christ, temptation, adultery. Asking for God’s wisdom and for him to open my heart to his message was something I did daily during this study.

Have Fun Aside from all the “tough stuff”, there are so many awesome things going on in this book. Jesus raises a man from the dead. He heals a blind man. He ascends into Heaven after dying on the cross. Stand in awe of Him.

Just to give you an idea as to how I journal through the Bible, I will share my first entry with you.

Day 1:

Context/Background approx. 85-90AD John’s death approx. 98 AD, fisherman, one of Jesus’ first disciples and part of his “inner circle” of three; very intimate relationship with Jesus

John taught mostly to Jews and Gentiles. He knew Jesus well, and Jesus knew him intimately. As a follower and true believer, John felt responsible for showing others the truth. What a task God gave him–write down what you saw, what you know, what you believe and share it with others. Warning: it will be scrutinized, analyzed, and criticized, but has the potential to save millions. Go!

v. 1-18

v. 1-5 Does the Word=Jesus?
v. 1 In the beginning Jesus already existed
Even though Jesus was human born to Mary, he was also God so he existed eternally before coming to earth. 
v. 1 Jesus was with God. Jesus was God.
v. 2 Jesus existed in the beginning with God.
2Phil6- The he was God, he didn’t think of equality with as something to cling to.
Jesus existed as God before he came to earth, just like he exists now, after his earthly death

Having an intimacy with Christ allows us to be confident in our faith. Confidence in our faith allows us comfort in sharing our story. John was so intimate with Christ, he was able to portray Christ’s life for us. Could I do that? If someone asked me about Jesus and my relationship with him, could I portray him out to be The One Messiah? 

 Questions to Ask

Who is John and what was his relationship with Jesus?

When and where was this book written? Who was the original audience?

What role did Jesus play in these verses? Teacher, Friend, Father?

What would my life look like if I did (blank)?

What absolute truth(s) is written in these verses?

What specifically is God saying to me in these verses?

What did I learn?

Where can I go to find more information on this?

If I obeyed God in his instructions in these verses, how would my life be different? 

What study tips can you share when reading the Bible? Have you read the amazing story in John yet?


What do you think?

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