My No ‘Poo Journey Continues

Did you see my original post where I shared that I gave up commercial shampoo and conditioner?

To be completely honest, even to me the idea of not washing my hair with what I thought was the only way is still pretty crazy to think about. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about. The silky, creamy product that comes out of the artistically designed bottle. You lather it up between your hands, and the resulting foam lets you know you’re clean. The smell alone would leave you thinking your hair was clean, even if it wasn’t. It’s just what we do, like having jelly with our peanut butter. We don’t think about it.

Well, as you know, with my switch, I started to think about it. I won’t go back into the details of why I made the switch, read about that in my first no ‘poo post. But I think it’s important for all of us to become critical consumers of everything, not just the food we consume.

Okay, off the soap box and moving on. This post was intended to simply update you on my no ‘poo journey.

This is the only picture I have of myself from the last couple of weeks. This was taken one day after I would have washed my hair.

It’s official, I’ve gone over a month without putting commercial shampoo and conditioner in my hair. Let me share with you what I’ve found:

  • I can go longer without washing my hair: 2 days is great, 3 days is fine. At day 4, I’m wearing a headband!
  • I have less “gunk” on my scalp. I didn’t have dandruff often, but my head was itchy and flaky. That’s not completely gone now, but definitely improved.
  • I have less volume. My hair is naturally pretty curly (at least in the back). I have noticed that when I let my hair dry (which is every time, lets be honest), I don’t have much curl. A little sad.
  • If the ACV gets rinsed out well, you don’t smell a thing.
  • Every other time I forget to fill my bottles before entering the shower.
  • It’s easiest for me to apply the baking soda mix starting at the top, working it in, and making my way back. With my head upside down, I scrub my whole head really well.

Have you put much thought into what’s in your beauty products? What switches have you made or thought about making?


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