My No ‘Poo Journey: July 2013 Update

image by miss pupik

Have we come a long way or what? I started this journey in April, and over the past 4 months I have seen many changes. Some for the good, others not. I plan to share those with you today.

I have a confession: I have used commercial shampoo twice in the last week.

I know, I know. I’ve let you down. Just hear me out. My hair was in a bad way, I was in need of some help. So I decided (actually my Aunt who tried to cut my nappy hair made me use her shampoo) to start over.

The Last 4 Weeks

In the last 4 weeks several things have happened that led to my declining scalp health.

  • I was breaking out from either the baking soda or the ACV, I think it was the former.
  • So I gave the regimen up, and only used water for 2 weeks.
  • We moved and the water is much different in the new house.
  • The crown of my head got this annoying waxy buildup. Waxy as in it repelled water. Was it this sebum I keep reading about? Who knows, but apparently your sebum (natural hair oils) will come out in force when you eliminate ‘poo from your life. Over time it is supposed to even out and protect your hair like this magical shield.
  • At the start of the waxy buildup, I started using Dr. Bronner’s all natural lavender soap because I had heard other people trying it, and honestly it was the only natural soap I knew of. I think this soap made my buildup worse.

My Hair Post-Commercial Shampoo

Whatever was in my hair, whether it sebum or not, took 3 very good shampooin’s to get out. My aunt was scrubbing my head as I stood naked in the campground shower stall. We’re a close family, alright? Initially, my hair felt great. I may have even said, “Yay, I have my hair back!” To be honest, the mess she had to deal with before washing was insane. I couldn’t even comb it, friends. Nor wear it down. It was waxy and funky.

The day after, though my hair felt nice, I realized I was back to where I started pre-no ‘poo. My hair felt unnaturally smooth, it was flat, and my scalp itched. I had no volume, my hair was limp and just…there. My husband who was opposed to the idea of my giving shampoo up in the first place, said he wanted my old hair back. He said it never smelled bad and the volume was fox-like. Haha.

Was it nice to be able to run my fingers through my hair after two days of not washing nor combing? Sure. I felt like one of those Pantene girls you see in the commercial. Super shiny and sleek. I could flip it all around my face.

 But that’s just not me. 

My Hair’s Future

After talking to some naturally-minded friends, I have several options I’m going to explore.

The first option, try the BS and ACV again. I am going to decrease the amount of baking soda I use to 1 teaspoon per half bottle. One friend thinks the breakouts could have just been a detox effect. We’ll find out. I am going to keep it at every 2-3 days.

If that doesn’t work I am going to add some essential oils to the mixture, starting with lemon, orange, or rosemary.

If my hair and skin just won’t take to the baking soda, then a few natural shampoo alternatives have been recommended to me.  J.R. Liggett’s makes a natural shampoo bar that several people have recommended. Others have recommended soap nuts. My sister shared this article with me which contains tips on shampoo bars (similar to the one mentioned above), essential oils, and aloe vera.

The alternative I am most excited about is this one. Honey shampoo, sounds yummy. The author goes into more detail about pH levels than I have so if you’re interested in some more information on shampoos and scalp health in general, it’s a good read. The one thing I am missing most since kicking the BS to the curb is the volume, hopefully this helps. Look out for an update on this new method in the next few weeks.

Have you given up your commercial shampoo yet?How often do you wash your hair?


2 responses to “My No ‘Poo Journey: July 2013 Update

  1. I am currently trying out the “No Poo” method as well. I tried the baking soda and ACV route for about a month. I found that my scalp really didnt like it, and it did nothing for me (something about having hard water). I have switched to a honey and aloe shampoo, and it has made all the difference. I am still in a bit of a transition phase, but I can already see that this natural shampoo is working so much better than the BS/ACV version, for me at least!


  2. Erika, thanks for sharing this with me. I had to quit the BS/ACV myself. It was making my break out and I too have hard water. I've been using a “natural” shampoo made mostly of essential oils.

    Do you buy or make your honey/aloe shampoo?


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