Get Your Essential Oil Introductory Kit!

So, you’ve been reading my Health by Essential Oil Series and you’re wanting to get firsthand experience with the power of essential oils. Buut…you don’t want to spend a fortune without knowing how and if these things work for you. Got it!

I come with good news! doTERRA has an Introductory Kit with 3 of our most popular and most useful oils, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.

7 Uses for Lavender

Repel bugs, or if you didn’t have time to prevent apply to bites for itch relief.

Aid in sleep by placing a few drops on your pillow or apply to back of neck.

Clean. If you’re like me and clean most everything with vinegar, lavender will help make your home smell great while helping the vinegar clean as well.

Carpet deodorant, if you’ve got pets of stinky kids, adding some 5-6 drops of lavender to a jar full of baking soda will suck the stink right our of your floors.

Apply to owies. You know when your kids (or you) scrap their knee or cut their finger, you know all those places a bandage won’t stay? Apply a little lavender, disinfecting properties will fight any infection.

Massage and muscle relief. Do you get knots in your shoulders and upper back? Gently massage some lavender with coconut oil to help loosen and relieve pain.

Bath soak. Work long hours? Exhausted when the kids go to bed? Add some epsom salt and lavender oil to a hot bath, and relax. Just be sure you can still make your way to bed!


7 Uses for Lemon Oil

Stinky laundry. Add 5-6 drops of lemon oil to your washing machine to give laundry fresh, clean scent.

Sticky messes. Tree sap, gum in hair, or anything else that only Goo Gone seems to fix is no match for lemon.

Clean. All of the really dirty places in your house would benefit from lemon, showers, cutting boards, stovetop.

Control bugs. If you’re a gardener, whether it’s roses or peppers, a lemon (and peppermint) spray will keep away most pests.

Energy boost. For months, I’ve been drinking cold water with a slice of lemon first thing in the morning. Get the same effect by using 4-5 drops of oil.

Shampoo. Lately, I’ve been washing my hair with a honey lemon shampoo: 3 T. water, 1 T. raw honey, 4 drops of lemon EO.

Ease sore throat. Using the same ingredients as my shampoo, only filling your glass with warm water, help fight a cold naturally.

7 Uses for Peppermint

Mouth rinse. Feel like you’ve got morning breathe all day long? Swish some warm water and peppermint!

Allergies. Applying peppermint mixed with coconut oil will help the inflammation you often feel in your sinuses. I apply behind my ears and down my neck.

Add flavor. Chocolate and peppermint are so yummy together. Avoid the extra calories and chemicals by adding oil to your hot cocoa, brownies, and cookies.

Treat sunburn. I effectively treated a severe (the kind where it huts to wear a shirt) sunburn by applying coconut oil mixed with peppermint every 3-4 hours. If you’re in pain, add some lavender to the mix. Apply often to prevent peeling!

Stop household bugs. Most bugs that we find in our homes, ants, spiders, beetles all have 2 things in common, (1) they are yucky 🙂 (2) they hate peppermint oil. Add a few drops to a spray bottle of water and spray around windows and floors.

Upset tummies. When your belly is upset for whatever reason, rub some peppermint and coconut oil on your tum.

Headaches. Dab a drop on your temples to help alleviate your headaches.

For $26.67 you can enjoy these three oils, along with an introductory audio CD. Click on Shop for Products, then Product Packages, and scroll down until you see the Intro Kit. 


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