Essential Oil Spotlight: Deep Blue Rub


doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub has been a lifesaver in our home on many occasions. My husband and I both try to be physically active throughout the week. He plays soccer and lifts weights and I run (jog, really) and lift weights as well. So, our muscles are often in need of some attention.

If you’re active or want to be, but your body hurts too much, I would recommend checking out Becoming a Supple Leopard. This book completely changed how we looked at and treated our bodies. The next move would to buy a foam roller* and lacrosse ball (we go our at Play it Again Sports for $2). Foam rolling and “smashing” as Kelly in Supple Leopard refers to it, removes the lactic acid in your muscles, thus lessening the tension, pain, and tightness you’re feeling. It’s not fun friends, it hurts. Really bad, especially when you’re just starting. Your body will feel so, so much better after you’ve done this for about a week though.

*A side note on foam rollers. Look for a “high density” roller, otherwise your roller will give under your weight and won’t be effective. Start with one similar to the one I linked, then move your way up to a textured one–oh, those are fun!

Now, on to the fun stuff. Deep Blue Rub, doTERRA’s version of IcyHot.

What’s in Deep Blue?

Deep Blue is a blend, what’s that mean? doTERRA has worked hard to come up with combinations of oils to serve a purpose that each individual oil alone could not do. The following oils are in Deep Blue:

Blue Chamomile
Blue Tansy

How does Deep Blue Rub Work?

Deep Blue is what you would replace BenGay or IcyHot with in your medicine cabinet. Many of us suffer from sore, tense muscles from working out or a long day’s work. Inflammation causes tension and irritation. Many of the oils in DB are anti-inflammatory, reducing the inflammation in tissues and muscles. Wintergreen and Peppermint also work as pain relievers. When combining oils that work to actually heal the problem, reduce inflammation in this case, and oils that help us perceive pain differently this blend works wonders!

I suffer from chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from poor posture and being unable to “relax”–silly, I know. I have gone to therapy twice and while the therapies helped while I was doing it, fast forward about 5 months and the pain is back. I even sleep with my neck and shoulders tensed. I have the most pain first thing in the morning, it’s hard for me to get out of bed sometimes because I am so sore.

Deep Blue Products

Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend Buying the essential oil blend itself, your possibilities are endless. Rub the oil right on your muscles, using a carrier if you have sensitive skin or mix it with your lotion to make your own Deep Blue Rub.

Deep Blue Roll On One thing to know, whether you use the roller or regular bottle, a little goes a long way. 2-3 drops from the bottle or 1-2 swipes from the roller will do you wonders.

Deep Blue Rub While I do love just having the oil and applying it with coconut oil, this rub is awesome! For my neck/shoulder pain, I add just a squirt to my palm and rub it in. Within 20 minutes the pain is gone and you’re left with the “icy” feeling. If you’re looking for something similar to your muscle rub I would recommend this over the oil, or plan to make your own.

Deep Blue Rub Samples doTERRA has made it easy for you to sample the rub. These packets would be good for those who are on-the-go, just want to try the product, or wish to share.

If you’re suffering from any kind of tension or muscle soreness, studies have shown that more than half of Americans do, these products are for you. If  you have any questions about Deep Blue or doTERRA, please send me a message here.

Visit my doTERRA website and order your Deep Blue today.


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