Buying from Amazon? Order through my Page

Readers and Friends near and far,

Happy Friday! I’ve just got a short note for you today. Over there, yep, just to the right you will see a fun little Amazon search box. It’s new; and I want to tell you why it’s there.

Let me start with this; researching, writing, and editing is fun for me. Never thought I’d say that…ha. I enjoy putting this page together in a way that benefits both you and me. Until recently, I was okay with blogging being a hobby. A couple months ago, the demands of my schedule and time became stretched a bit thin. I considered discontinuing my page because I felt I wasn’t giving you enough of my time. You weren’t going to keep coming if I only checked in with you every few weeks, were ya?

After much prayer, consulting with writers who have more experience than I, and some research I decided I loved this too much. I didn’t want to give it up. Even though feedback is a rare occasion here, I didn’t want to lose this outlet to y’all.

I knew that should I decide to keep the page going, I would need to take it up a notch. That’s when I created my Facebook page.This is another way for me to reach you, and even better, it’s a way to make your voice heard. I love hearing from you. Thanks!

As you may imagine, or maybe you don’t, keeping this page up and going is a bit of work. If I had more time, I would spend it here, but right now I’m doing all I can. Several hours a week you’ll find me on my computer, with my nose in a book researching topics of interest, covered in honey or sauce trying to develop a recipe I think you’ll love. Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you it’s a part-time job.

So, that’s why there’s an Amazon box here. When you order something through that link, anything you would normally purchase from Amazon, I receive a small commission. There is no added cost to the purchase on your end. I bring you, the customers, to Amazon, they pay me a small amount based on your purchase. It’s called being an Affiliate.

You will also be seeing links in my posts to products I think are: fun, rad, nifty, cool, and neat. Those too are affiliate links. You may also see me promoting or sharing products via my Facebook page, books, household goods, kitchen stuff, and so on. Should you purchase through those links, yep, you got it. I get a small commission based on your purchase. You’re catching on!

If you’re someone who regularly places orders with Amazon, I would ask that you please order through me. If you have never purchased through Amazon, thinks Amazon is silly, or doesn’t ever want to order something from them, then I’m sorry that this is something you will be seeing more of here. I promise, I won’t bombard you with links or ads, that’s not fun, so please stick around.

Questions? Want to see certain products or sales? Let me know.

I truly appreciate your business as I try to provide a bit of income for my hard work and for my family.

Your local (maybe?) blogger,
The Ezer Wife


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