Immunity Boosting Blend


For those of us looking for an alternative to the over-the-counter or prescribed medications as “cold and flu season” approaches, our alternative options are many. The alternative medicine community is growing. I love that!

Even more important than using essential oils for health, your diet plays a big role in combating illness. Limiting sugar and dairy are two easy changes one can make when feeling illness coming on and for the duration. Hydration is key, drinking water, homemade bone broth, and organic teas will also be of benefit.

So, with all the alternative medication geared toward staving off and shortening your cold and flu, why did I choose this essential oil blend?
  • Lemon repels and kills bacteria and viruses. Our immune systems are continually bombarded with bad germs. Lemon has been used as a cleaner and disinfectant for thousands of years. It also contains compounds that improve immune function within our bodies. Additionally, lemon oil lifts our mood which can never hurt during an illness.
  • Melaleuca also known as tea tree oil has been around for centuries. Its antiseptic properties make it a common use for treating skin rashes and disorders like acne, dandruff, and poison oak. When taken at the first sign of illness, Melaleuca is a powerful healer.
  • Oregano is also an antiviral and antibacterial oil. Studies have found it to be 99% effective in reducing airborne bacteria (bacteria transmitted through the air) and has been effective in damaging a wide range of viruses. This oil will help in reducing inflammation often associated with cold/flu, will help loosen phlegm, and quiet coughs.
  • OnGuard is a doTERRA blend of Cinnamon, Clove bud, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Wild Orange oils. This blend alone works wonderfully in immune system support, but when added with the other oils in this blend of mine, one will be surprised how effectively an illness can be treated. OnGuard kills bacteria and viruses as well and is a natural immune system supporter.
This roller blend can be applied on the bottoms of feet for both children and adults. Adults can also apply the blend elsewhere. A little goes a long way with this roller. Apply often, but conservatively, rolling back and forth a few times should do well. Shake before each use.
This Assist Blend can be purchased in my shop! Thanks for shopping local and taking control of your health!
How have you seen essential oils work for your health?

2 responses to “Immunity Boosting Blend

  1. Absynthe, that is a great question. Each of the oils in this blend is safe for pregnant women.

    Stephanie Fritz, a midwife and EO consultant, has a great book about the safety of EO usage during pregnancy. Here is a link to the book from my affiliate.


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