Mohawk Valley Trading Co: Your One-Stop Shop for Honey&Beeswax

As a writer, and one with even a small crowd, I am fortunate enough to get to sample products from awesome companies.

I’m sure you saw my numerous posts and giveaway from Redmond Trading Company. Well, now Mohawk Valley Trading Company, based out of Utica, NY, is letting me use some of their products.

Again, I am astounded by the generosity of these people. I use honey a lot. I love that I can take a teaspoon by itself to heal a sore throat. How much more awesome is that than grape cough syrup?

Okay, personal moment. I have many, many memories standing at my Mom’s kitchen counter, staring into that spoon of purple (or red) syrup. Seriously, I would stand there for what seemed like forever. It may have just been 5 minutes, but that was 5 minutes of not playing Barbies or chasing my brother.

Here is what came in my Mohawk Valley Package:

  • 16 oz. pure Maple syrup
  • 1 lb. Wildflower Honey
  • 1 lb. Raw Autumn Wildflower Honey
  • 1 beeswax candle
  • 2 Natural, Handmade soap
  • 2 oz bars beeswax

How awesome is that? I tore into the box like it was Christmas and used most of the items within a few days. I may have stuck my finger into the honey right away. Maybe.

Today, let’s talk about the products that I tried, and later this week we’ll talk about the products you could win.

Mohawk’s Honey

First, a few things on honey. Raw honey means the product hasn’t been heater or pasteurized. For those of us to take honey for the health benefits, allergies in particular, you need raw honey. Heating or pasteurizing honey kills “the good stuff”, things like pollen, minerals, enzymes. I always look for raw honey over “commercial”.

 Their Summer Wildflower Honey was full of flavor and easy to use. The flavor was light, and would be perfect in baking and sweetening tea. If you’re not big on full honey flavor, I would recommend Mohawk’s Wildflower Honey. Anyone who’s had raw honey will know how powerful the flavor can be.

As mentioned, most of the honey we use is raw. By looking at the photo of their honey, hopefully one can tell which jar is full of raw honey. Unlike commercial honey, raw is thick, more of a solid than a liquid. Mohawk’s Raw Autumn Wildflower Honey in the jar is exactly as it was in the hive.

No processing, no heating, nor filtering. What you see is what you get!

I use raw honey from everything to baking, in my homemade beauty products, sweetening tea, sore throat/allergy relief. You name it and I’ve likely used honey for it.

See their wide selection of honey here.

Mohawk’s Soap

Are you wanting to ditch commercial body wash? Tired of looking for a bar soap that doesn’t leave you feeling “sticky”? Mohawk’s Natural Handmade Soap lathers nicely, smells great, and doesn’t leave that “sticky” feeling that some bar soaps do. I used the Goat’s Milk Lavender Soap (and someone will be winning the Castile!). I have always used bar soap in the “crevices” that are sometimes hard to clean, but now I have a bar soap that I can feel good about using everywhere.

One thing I would like to share is that while using the soap didn’t leave me feeling dry or itchy, my legs definitely needed a lather of lotion when I shaved with this soap, which I do normally do anyway so it didn’t bother me.

Mohawk’s Beeswax

While most of you may think you wouldn’t use beeswax, I am giving away the 2 bars I received because I think you’ll be surprised! I use beeswax in my homemade lotion, chapstick, and sunscreen. You could make your own homemade beauty products, candles, luminaries, and I’m sure the list is endless.

The Beeswax Candle was the product I used; its very light scent was not overpowering like some commercial, chemical-laden candles are. While I don’t use candles to make my house smell better (I use EO’s), this little candle offered a great amount of light for guests when visiting our house. I always hate going into a new, pitch dark bathroom and searching around for the light switch. Beeswax has been used for light for centuries and because it’s naturally occurring more people are beginning to use beeswax candles over commercial ones.

Thus far, I have loved my experiences with Mohawk Valley Trading Co’s products. If  you’re looking for a source of natural, American made honey, maple syrup, bar soap, or beeswax I highly recommend that you visit their website.

Someone in the near future will win the following from Mohawk Valley: 16 oz Pure Maple Syrup, 2 beeswax bars, and 1 Castile Soap bar. Stay tuned for more details.

Have you purchased from Mohawk before? How did you like their products? What would keep you from ordering products from this company?

2 responses to “Mohawk Valley Trading Co: Your One-Stop Shop for Honey&Beeswax

  1. I got one in my package, I really like it. It burns bright and haven't burnt down yet. One thing you have to get used to is that it doesn't have much of a smell, but we don't mind.


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