Essential Oils: Let’s Get You Started

If you’ve been around here any time at all, you’ll know that I’m a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, a revolutionary essential oil company.

Just a short background. I’m a hippie, loving all things natural and alternative. Examples: I eat (mostly) real food, having ditched boxes a few years ago. I used reusable shopping bags long before they were “cool”. I make my own deodorant. I don’t take pills. I put cinnamon on my cheeks for color. Does loving Jesus make me a hippie? Okay, probably not but John the Baptist was definitely a hippie. We would have been friends.

Anyway, when a friend invited me to an essential oils party, I said, “Why not?”

It was a nice time, I learned a lot, and got to hang out with some pretty cool ladies. It was a lot of information, more than I could handle, and like any other party with a consultant, I knew I wouldn’t buy anything that day.

After some research and another friend who signed up to become a Wellness Advocate, my husband became very sick with a cold and sinus infection. I bought some samples off her, and while we didn’t get to see the oils work wonders with him (we didn’t get oils on until 26+ hours after, he wouldn’t use them more than twice a day, and he still took DayQuil and other meds) I caught the same bug and was fit as a fiddle within 6 hours. When I say sick, I mean water fountain drippy nose, frequent sneezing, pounding head. The kind of sick that makes it difficult to leave the couch.

I was convinced and wanted to know more. I read a lot of information about essential oils and watched success story videos. I enrolled as a consultant (mostly for the discounted oils) and haven’t looked back. I use the oils to prevent and treat illness, aid in sleep, freshen laundry, clean, in my homemade beauty products, and more.

If you’re interested in starting your relationship with essential oils, let me share a few ways in which you can do that through doTERRA.

The Window Shopper or Skeptical Buyer

If you are just wanting to try a few oils for now or think that you’ll only buy a few for specific uses, you can order oils (or other products) at retail from me. I would recommend this to anyone who has heard about EO’s and is finally ready to try them or someone who’s interested in using them, but may be skeptical of their effectiveness.

There is no commitment or investment (except the price of the oils) when you buy products at retail from me. You pay for your oils, doTERRA sends them to you, and be prepared for mind=blown. Truly. Should you find your results as amazing as I did, you can always take your relationship to the next level, keep reading.

Order doTERRA oils and products at retail. Or you can ask me about buying samples from me, most are a few dollars or less.

The One Big Order Buyer (or May Be Interested in More Buyer)

If you’ve experienced the benefits of doTERRA essential oils, say either through a small retail order or buying samples, and are wanting to place a big order, I would recommend that you sign up as a Preferred Member. If you’re into this natural health thing and think you may be interested in buying more oils in the next year, becoming a PM may be just the road for you.

Details of becoming a Preferred Member

  • One-time enrollment fee of $25
  • 20% discount on all future orders
  • No commitment to how much or how often you have to place orders

I love that the company has this option for people. If you think you’ll be ordering more than once, even if your first order isn’t a large order, this will be a better option than paying retail price.

Enroll as a Preferred Member. My Enroller ID is 524946.

The I’m Already Hooked, Want to Share or Frequent Buyer

After I bought a few samples from a friend, I knew I wanted to be cash in on the natural wellness this company had to offer. At that time, I had no inclination to write about them or share my experience with you, it was totally a selfish move. I wanted the discount for myself.

I started my EO journey and enrollment with the Family Physician Kit. So for $150 I got the kit (which includes 10 oils+blends) and my enrollment fee.

Details of Becoming a Wellness Advocate

  • $35 enrollment fee (or purchase of an Enrollment Kit which waives enrollment fee)
  • Annual renewal  fee of $25, but you receive a bottle of Peppermint (which retails for $27)*
  • 25% discount on products
  • Loyalty Rewards Program, which is great for those of us who order quite a bit of product each month, but there’s no obligation. If you order enough, you’ll be able to earn commission and get the Free Product of the Month
  •  Access to groups of your “upline” consultants**
  • No obligation to buy so much or sell so much a month***
  • Commission based on sales (even if it’s just your Mom or sister who will be buying oils from you, every dollar counts)

*The renewal fee is pretty much you ordering a bottle of Peppermint once a year, which is one of the most popular and versatile oils. I’ve already ordered another bottle of Peppermint after 3 months.

**I am part of several Facebook groups of other consultants. I ask questions about how the “back office/website” works, where I should buy oil supplies, how certain oils have been used, and much more. These groups have been invaluable to me!

***If you’re confused, that’s fine. When other consultants were trying to tell me about the terms and conditions of becoming a Wellness Advocate, I had LOTS of questions. For starters, unlike some companies there is no obligation to buy or sell a certain amount with doTERRA. Like I said, I got in on this  for selfish reasons, I didn’t want to have to throw parties and try to market things to people…I’m much too introverted for that. I also wasn’t completely sure that I wanted to order oils for myself every month. Most importantly, I didn’t have the money to join a company that I had to “pay into” or would be forced to buy so much.

So, you’ve got a few options to buy from doTERRA: Retail, Preferred Member, or as a Wellness Advocate. If you want any more information or have loads of questions (like I did!) please please please don’t hesitate to ask me. If you’re tired of looking around for the answer elsewhere, ask me! Leave a comment on this post or message me through my Facebook page.

Are you ready to improve your health with essential oils? Have you used doTERRA oils already?

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