Confessions: The Ezer Wife on Food

So what does a guy crazy enough to lift a tree over his head and a hippie gal wearing a Kansas shirt have to do with confessions or food?

Glad you asked!

You guys are in luck. Over at Modern Alternative Mama, we’re running a series this month, Real Food Chronicles, in which the writers let you virtually peek into their kitchens.

We are sharing with you our failures and successes and the honest truth about what we’re eating. Ever wonder what a “real foodies” eats all the time? Check out photos and recipes from our daily lives. Think we’re some kind of Wonder Women doing it all? Find out how each of us actually make this lifestyle work.

So, go on! I’m over at MAM today. Let me know what you think or what questions you may have.



2 responses to “Confessions: The Ezer Wife on Food

  1. Great post on MAM, Jerri Ann! I've been wanting to share a Brussels sprouts recipe with you.
    Toss halved Brussels sprouts in olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast at 400 degrees to your desired doneness. Meanwhile, heat 1/4 cup or so of apple cider vinegar. Turn off heat and add a handful of raisins (recipe called for golden, but I just use regular). Soak the raisins while the sprouts cook. Also fry a couple slices of bacon and crumble it. Drain the raisins and mix Brussels sprouts, raisins, and bacon together. (Once I forgot to drain the raisins and dumped the vinegar in, too! I liked it that way, but Webb thought it was a little much. I've also left out the bacon when I was to lazy to fry it.)


  2. Thanks Christina! That sounds really yummy, we do love Brussels sprouts in our house. I'll have to try that next time, I usually have most of those ingredients!


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