How to Cook Beets

Do you love beets? I’ll be honest, I don’t. This vegetable isn’t very versatile, at least not to me. They’re pretty, I mean, my favorite color is purple. My husband loves them though, so I’m always game for finding new ways to use them.

Our favorite way to enjoy beets in our house is on Aussie burgers. Yes, recipe coming soon.vDelicious explosion in your mouth, get ready for it.

Thank goodness my mother-in-law was here to tell me how to cook beets. I was going to slice them and bake them….that’s how much I knew about cooking beets. (If you slice and bake your beets, you’re not wrong, just sayin’.)

Are you ready for the intricate science behind cooking beets? Okay, hold on to your hats for this one.

1. Place beet(s) in pot, cover with water.
2. Bring to a boil and cook 25-35 minutes (or until beet is soft when poked with fork)
3. Remove, allow to cool, peel off skin using hands, slice.

Viola. That’s it. So easy I’m not going to spend more of my time on this post. Do you enjoy beets? Be honest, have you ever had one? What’s you’re favorite way to get beets into your diet?

What do you think?

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