Why We Eat a Clean Diet

Have you noticed the shift in thinking recently? It seems to me that even the mainstream is picking up on the idea that our current industrialized food system, which provides most of the “food” for us, is not working. I’ve seen and read stories recently about the harmful “yoga mat” chemical in bread, how chia seeds are good for you, and that there are benefits to eating a clean diet.

While I do agree with these, every story I see or read coming from the mainstream about food misses the mark. It’s easy to pinpoint one chemical or say that grass-fed meat is superior over grain-fed, but it seems like every story is concluded with a “….but the fill-in-the-blank-organization regulates this or that and they wouldn’t allow us to eat it if it wasn’t safe”.

Are you buying it? I’m not. Unlike large news companies or magazines or even online news sites, I don’t profit one way or another depending on what you eat. I have nothing to gain financially by having this article published. I’m sharing what I know because I want the world to be a better, healthier place when I leave than when I came in.

If you’re ready to take the step and to start educating yourself on what the typical Standard American Diet actually consists of and how to get away from it, then stick around because this month we are discussing what a real food lifestyle is, how to get there, and lots of awesome recipes.

Now, let’s start with things that we don’t eat in our house that you may in yours, and why we don’t. Now, the “whys” may not work for you, these are specific to my lifestyle, but I recommend you dig a little further into each of these food categories and find your “why.” It’s important for us to talk about why we eat a clean diet.

Continue reading here.

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