Aussie Burgers: Toppings You’d Never Imagine

Inspired by a kangaroo burger at an authentic Australian restaurant downtown, we’ve been making “Aussie Burgers” all year. While they used half kangaroo and half beef for their patties, we usually just use 100% beef.

Kangaroo meat would make the burger more authentic, but if you can’t find any beef is fine too. The toppings of the Aussie Burger are what make it so original anyway.

So then what makes an Aussie burger an Aussie burger?

1. Beets We usually just boil ours. Traditionally though, Aussies use pickled beets. Don’t like beets? Yeah, neither do I, but you have to try them on your Aussie Burger!
2. Grilled Pineapple I could eat a whole pineapple in less than 5 minutes if it’s grilled. While Aussie burgers are best grilled, if you’re pan frying the burgers, you’ll also want to pan fry some pineapple slices.
3. Fried Egg This my friends is what puts this burger over the edge. A fried egg with a hamburger, really? If I ever meet an Aussie, I’m going to kiss them for this! It’s awesome. I prefer my eggs over hard with this one. The burger is already huge and messy, I don’t really need egg yolk flying everywhere.

Our Favorite Additions

These may not be “real” Aussie burger ingredients, but we don’t eat our burgers from down under without them.
1. Coleslaw Slopping on some homemade coleslaw gives this burger some crunch and added sauce. If you aren’t going to make this coleslaw, don’t worry about adding ‘slaw at all. Store bought coleslaw won’t add much.
Substitute: Spicy mayo or BBQ sauce
2. Avocado Maybe it’s because we live in SoCal and they put avocados on and in everything, but some fresh avo goes great on this burger!

Making Your Aussie Burgers

 Cook beets. This takes awhile, folks. Start them first thing.
Make your patties using grassfed beef or use a combo of beef and kangaroo or venison. It doesn’t really matter what kind of meat you use.  Make your patties full of flavor by adding minced onion, garlic, S&P, basil, parsley, and cayenne.
Stack ’em tall, skip the bread. I’m not sure why we think we have to put our burgers or dogs between buns. There’s no flavor, it’s hard to get into your mouth, and let’s face it the bread you’re probably eating has no nutritional value. Unless you’re eating sourdough buns, skip the bread. Your burger is going to be stacked so high anyway, a bun is only going to get in the way.
Dig in.
Have you had an Aussie burger before? What’s a must have topping in your house ?

What do you think?

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