Habits: Out with the Old, In with the New

Want to break a bad habit? // The Ezer Wife

A bad habit. You know, like smoking. Or biting your nails or not wearing your seat belt. We know we shouldn’t do them, but we do anyway. It doesn’t make any sense.

Or does it?

Why We Can’t Quit Bad Habits

We humans are creatures of habit, you’ve heard it before. Maybe you get up every morning and turn on the coffee pot. While the coffee is brewing you may put the dirty dishes from last night in the sink. Once the timer goes off, you reach in and grab your favorite creamer, then have a sit on the couch and “check in” to see what happened while you were sleeping. That’s somewhat how my morning goes, except we use a French press and I do not use that yucky creamer, just organic cream for me.

What bad habits are a part of your life?

Stress and Boredom.

Two big reasons we can’t throw these habits out the front door. Think about your bad habit(s). Do you do them when you’re stressed? When you just need a “time out” do you reach for your bad habit? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the kids or the house work and you want to get away for 10 minutes? Our bad habits are what security blankets are to kids. You know, the blanket or toy they want to carry around everywhere, all the time. It makes them feel good. They’re comfortable and secure. They can face anything as long as they’ve got their Dolly. Bad habits work the same.

How about boredom? Do you start biting those nails without realizing it? Do you find yourself looking around the house, not seeing anything that needs immediate attention so you grab your smart phone and scroll and scroll and scroll through the static? Today, we are more entertained than we ever have been. Do you realize that? No, really, take a minute to think about it with me.

We can’t even pump our gas without watching a screen now! If we’re waiting for the bus or for our food to come out, what do we do? Reach for that smart phone. Supper’s all finished up? Maybe we washed the dishes, maybe we didn’t, but our butts are hitting that couch in a flash. We can never be alone with our thoughts or with our kids.

These bad habits have got to go. Have to. They are a waste of your time and energy. They stress you out. The little fix you get from your bad habit is gone quicker than you realized you needed it. Cut it out. Knock it off.

My Bad Habits That Have to Go

1. No electronics before 7AM (eventually, no electronics before work, period.)

I’m up at 5:30 with my husband and once I’ve got him out the door. I quickly grab my coffee and sit in my favorite place on the couch (where I am now!) and check my emails and Facebook pages. I then look up and realize it’s time to get out the door for work. Not okay.

2. No more dropping things and leaving them fill in the blank with anything besides where they belong.

This one drives me crazy because after 3 days of doing this, my house feels like a mess. It’s not that the house is dirty, but there are things everywhere. A purse, shoes, shopping bags, sweater, ear buds, blah blah blah. When my house is chaotic, my mind is chaotic.

I’ll be working on these two bad habits for the next 2 weeks. Will you join me? Feel free to share your bad habits that you plan to break here (I don’t recommend trying to break more than 2 at a time), or just write them down and post them somewhere that you’ll see them often.

Will you join me in breaking bad habits? Where are you posting your bad habits?


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