Give a Homemade Christmas: Generous Provisions

Handmade gifts from Generous Provisions

I dreamt of owning a shop one day, a shop that was full of homemade, unique treasures. One of my favorite things to do with family is browse antique stores. Oftentimes I don’t buy anything, but I love the hunt. I love meandering up those crooked aisles.

One won’t know what there is to find if he isn’t looking. 

For now, my shop is  virtual. Generous Provisions is on Etsy, but one day I would love to own a storefront. You know the one, with creaky floors and displays adorned with lace and burlap. Oh, one day.

I opened Generous Provisions because I wanted to bring you items you could feel good about. I may take “small business” to a whole new level, the items are created in my cozy beach cottage and aside from the few times I can get my husband on the sewing machine I am the one creating, designing, writing, etc. So, you’re definitely supporting small.

The name Generous Provisions should tell you what kinds of things I make. Things that I think you need, yes, provisions. They are certainly things I need. And gifts. God calls us to be generous, so I think most people would love receiving most (all?) of the items in my shop.

3 Most Popular Generous Provisions Products

Assist: Natural Immunity Boosting Essential Oil Blend

Assist is a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that can help naturally boost immunity and aid in warding off and shortening illnesses. This blend is diluted with organic coconut oil and is in a convenient 10mL roller bottle. Just shake and roll on. Safe for children.

Pure. Natural Hand Sanitizer

Using some of the same essential oils in the Assist blend, this sanitizer is made with witch hazel and aloe vera gel and can be used on the hands or sprayed on surfaces that need sanitizing. Personally, I keep a bottle at work and occasionally spray on my phone and keyboard. When someone at home is sick, I’ll spray our door knobs as well. This is a perfect gift and can easily fit into a purse or backpack!

Dryer Balls

These pure wool balls reduce drying time and static and with the added essential oil sample, leave  your clothes smelling great without  the added chemicals. No need for dryer sheets, so you’re saving money! I offer a variety of gray and brown balls with either lavender or lemon essential oil.

 3 Gifts from Generous Provisions

For the Women Folk

Infinity Scarves

As if being fashionable wasn’t enough, these scarves are practical! Most of them are made from heavier material and will keep any bare neck warm and dress up any outfit! Scarves ranging from polka dot to flannel to floral, there’s a scarf for everyone.

For the little one

SleepyTime Essential Oil Blend

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense make up this blend. It was originally created for a friend whose baby was having a difficult time sleeping, but this blend is great for adults as well. If there’s a little one in your family or someone who doesn’t sleep well, give them the gift of natural sleep.

For the Men

Beard Oil

I’m a little bit sad that my husband can’t grow a beard (Marine Corps) because I’m totally loving this product. Currently, we sell a True Gentleman blend and Major Beard Oil, both scents of which are approved by the man in this house. Give your man the gift of a full, itch-free beard this year.

Check out Generous Provisions for more gift ideas. Gift wrapping and delivery straight to the recipient is available!


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