My Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition

Jars, dehydrator, glass storage. All must-haves for the alternative kitchen. What else would you add to the list? // The Ezer Wife

We need to help each other, ya know? It’s our duty to teach each other, to share our successes and our failures. Most of the things I use in my everyday life aren’t things you’d necessarily see while ut and about. You see, to support the kind of lifestyle we live, we don’t have a lot of “frilly” items. I need things that serve more than one purpose. The exception to that is the juicer we bought, used. I need simple. I love intentional and multi-functional.

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For today though, let’s head over to the kitchen. One thing you should know is that my kitchen is small. I use every square inch of it though. Between the home cooked meals, from scratch desserts, beauty products and fermented foods there isn’t a crevice of my kitchen that isn’t valuable. So if you’re working in a tight space, these items are worth the space they’ll take up.

7 Favorite Kitchen Items

Berkey Water Filter

I’m hitting you hard right outta the gate with this one, I know. You looked at this product and thought, “way too much money and for what?” Maybe you live in the US like me and think that the water  that comes out of your faucet is fine for drinking. Or maybe you have one of those attachments on your faucet or pitcher in your fridge to make water acceptable to your liking. Read about what makes Berkey different. I am confident in this product filtering out the things that are intentionally added to our water like fluoride and chlorine as well as the “accidental” additives like hormones and chemicals from medications and pesticides from environmental run off.

These units don’t take up a lot of counter space, hold quite a bit of water, and are super easy to use. We’ll never go without a Berkey again. We are even considering keeping it with us for our move across the US!

French Press

We drink so much more coffee now because of the convenience of having one of these! For a small family or one that maybe doesn’t drink coffee that often, this French press would be a welcomed addition to your kitchen. I’ll say, I drink a cup almost every morning now and the taste is not even comparable to the coffee that comes from your drip maker. It’s amazing how fresh and…real coffee tastes. Although it could also have something to do with buying organic, fair trade coffee as well.

Cast Iron Cook Set

A good set of cast irons will last a lifetime or two or three, especially if you take the time to season and care for them. We got this set on sale, for less than $70 so keep  your eyes on this one. I’ve seen it go on sale a few times in the last year. Food cooks more evenly in cast iron and  you can literally cook anything! We use ours daily for bacon and eggs in the morning and whatever kind of meat or casserole we’re having for supper. I even enjoy making berry cobbler in the big skillet. Even if you can’t catch this set on sale, it’s worth the money. I ditched our entire set up non-stick after I bought this and just added two stainless steel pots to my cooking collection. A must have!

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

This single attachment has been worth its weight in gold. We love ice cream in our house, love it. Maybe it’s because we’ve lived in SoCal for 3 years, but we always have a tub of homemade ice cream in our freezer. Try my Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip or the Basic Vanilla and add whatever you want to it! If we’re tired of eating ice cream (psh, really?) then we make milk shakes. If you don’t have a KitchenAid, I highly suggest you get some kind of ice cream maker, not only to save you money but also so you can control exactly what you’re eating!

Mason Jars

Mason jars are versatile, that’s why I love them so much. If we aren’t using them for storage, then they’re holding ice cream (everybody loves an individual, jarred ice cream!). We use them for drinking glasses, they keep our pantry organized and pretty. Our freezers are full of them, holding everything from broth to juice to flour to chocolate chips. And of course there are a million more ways to use mason jars outside of the kitchen!

Glass Pyrex Storage Containers

Another essential in our kitchen. Whether these handy fellas are keeping our leftovers tidy for lunch tomorrow or housing our bacon grease (which we cook with daily!) for months, I cannot have enough of these. Great for storing dry goods too and if you do use a microwave to reheat food, you don’t have to worry about these glass containers contaminating your food!


I have the dehydrator that’s linked above, but there are a lot of great options available today. I use mine at least once a week since I soak and dehydrate all of our nuts. Probably my favorite thing to come out of this product is beef jerky! Whether we’re going on a hike, going camping, or moving across the country we always have some jerky with us! Your kids will love the dried fruit and fruit leather that will come out of your dehydrator as well. The options are truly limited as to what can be made in a dehydrator!

What are some of your must-have kitchen items? 


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