Real Food Snacks + 6 Tips for Traveling Well

Traveling can be stressful, right? All the planning, what-ifs, hustle and bustle. Stay healthy with these real food snacks plus tips for being and staying well while traveling. // The Ezer Wife

Traveling can be stressful for so many reasons, then you throw in trying to remain healthy and we often find ourselves heading into the first restaurant off the the highway. Speaking of which, through our cross country move I began to notice that the establishments right off the highway were chain restaurants and gas stations. One of which we need, the other we don’t!

With a little planning and these tips, I hope your next trip whether a lengthy move or vacation will leave you feeling well.

Real Food Snacks for Travel


Minimal ingredients, dates, nuts and spices and delicious! (Always read ingredient labels, I’ve noticed a few that have other ingredients that we’d prefer not to eat.) Our favorite are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip!

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Produce that doesn’t bruise easily is best, but packing your family’s favorites is key. We like apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, and avocados.

Trail Mix

Homemade mix of soaked nuts and dried fruit is best, but even trail mix bought at the store is healthier than most packaged snacks.

Nut Butter

We’ll eat these alone or with fruit or on sourdough bread. We snagged some of Justin’s squeeze packets to save space and eliminate the need for utensils. This brand comes in many different flavors.

Homemade Treats

These won’t last long, and not just because they’re void of preservatives but because they’re delicious. Homemade goodies are always a good idea because we know exactly what’s going into our bodies! We like Sourdough Banana Bread and cookies. Try to eat homemade treats first, our bread started to mold after 4 days.

Fruit Leather

You can make fruit leather using a dehydrator, or we loved the leather that’s linked from Trader Joe’s. It’s organic with minimal ingredients! Kids love these, but adults do too.

Canned Tuna

We try to reach for pole caught tuna because of the harvesting practices, whichever brand you reach for look for cans with only tuna and water. Great protein option, we like to have tuna salad sandwiches for lunch.

Homemade/Grass fed Jerky

Again, we used our dehydrator to make some grass fed beef jerky, in which we vacuum sealed to keep longer. Jerky is another great source of protein.

Snacks Needing a Cooler


Either homemade or store bought, keeping in mind that you’ll likely want to keep the bottles from your homemade after they’re empty and those will take up room. Even with preparation before a trip, you’ll likely be eating things you normally don’t so help the good bacteria in gut fight off illnesses by consuming probiotics via kombucha!

Deer Sticks/Sausage

If you have access to venison, be sure to bring some sticks/sausage along. They’re full of protein and easy to snack on while traveling.

Raw Cheese

Great paired with venison, beef jerky or on its own. Easy way to keep healthy dairy in your diet while traveling.

Real Butter

Yep, we make room for butter in our little cooler. The hubs puts it in his coffee, we cook with it, and of course enjoy it on sourdough toast! I have even seen those cute little 1 tablespoon packages of Kerrygold in a few places!

Traveling can be stressful, right? All the planning, what-ifs, hustle and bustle. Stay healthy with these real food snacks and tips for being and staying well while traveling. // The Ezer Wife

6 Tips for Traveling Well

Real Food Snacks and Cooler

Above are some of our favorite real food snacks. Preparing and leaving room for a snack basket and cooler will help you stay healthy and also save money and time. Our snack basket and cooler were within arm’s reach for the passenger, and most of our meals and snacks are eaten without stopping. We try to eat most breakfasts and lunches “in car”, which undoubtedly saves a ton of money. If you’re driving, bring as big of a cooler as you can. If flying, bring a soft sided cooler (don’t forget about the 3 oz. rule for liquids!).

Water (and Coffee!)

When traveling by car, we leave room for our Berkey. Having access to clean water (most bottled water is from the tap!), saving money, and not worrying about throwing out those plastic bottles are a few reasons we make room for our Berkey. I know that stopping every few hours to use the restroom isn’t ideal, but being dehydrated can wreck your travels by threatening your immune system, bringing on headaches, and more. Try to stay hydrated.

We also bring along our Jetboil and French press for making coffee! We save so much money by making our own coffee, and not to mention having control over what’s going in our body- which is even more important for us. I just found this coffee press accessory for the JetBoil–I think I’ll get one for my man!

Audio Books

For our cross country move we listened to The Five People You Meet in Heaven and John Adams by David McCullough. The thing to remember here is that everyone in the car will be forced to listen, so choose books that everyone will enjoy. A task that can prove to be quite difficult, so plan ahead.

Intentional Sitting

This sounds silly, I know. But sitting in a car (or plane) for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on your muscles and leave you feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Your hip flexors will get really tight the longer you sit, and your body will automatically compensate for this stiffness by engaging your lower back muscles. You know the feeling. Periodically, as you’re traveling, flex your glutes intermittently OR tighten your lower abs, pulling your bellybutton toward your spine. These two exercises will take pressure off your lower back and hips, and nobody will even notice. Or you can tell your travel buddy about it and do these exercises together!

Natural Med Kit

Now this one can only be built according to your specific situation, type of travel, and other factors. Things will inevitably happen along the way so we want to be prepared but things that can be purchased along the way may be better left out for the sake of space, things like bandages or gauze. At the very minimum we bring along several essential oils, along with capsules for internal usage. Usually we bring along: OnGuard (immune booster), Oregano (antibiotic, great for colds and flu), DigestZen (all things “tummy”), Lavender (for dog’s anxiety and sleeplessness), Lemon (adds flavor to water), and Peppermint (headaches, tension). Also, the combo of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are great for seasonal allergies. We were traveling through the Midwest at the start of spring, and my husband’s allergies were no match for this trio! Order these and more from me here.

We also bring along doTERRA’s Correct-X for scraps and a diffuser.

Utilize Gadgets

Best-case scenario you know approximately where you’ll be at meal time, in which case you can plan ahead and research local, healthy places to eat. If not, use your smartphone along the way to research health food stores and local, organic restaurants. When searching we usually include the words “organic” or “farm to table” along with the city. For example, when looking for a place in Nashville, TN we would search “Nashville organic restaurant” or “Nashville farm to table”.

Obviously the same goes for coffee/snack joints and attractions, utilize those gadgets!

These tips do require some planning, but when you’ve reached your destination and your family is healthy and ready for awaits you, all the planning will be worth it. These tips work for us, but if you have others I’d love to hear about them.

Traveling can be stressful, right? All the planning, what-ifs, hustle and bustle. Stay healthy with these real food snacks and tips for being and staying well while traveling. // The Ezer Wife

How do you remain “on track” while traveling? What real food snacks or tips would you add to this list?

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