Essential Oils: What do the Experts Say?

EO summit banner

By now you’ve heard of essential oils, especially if you’re hanging around here.

You’ve read about how great they are, how they can transform your life. You like the idea of ridding your house of those commercial cleaners for something that’s safer for your kids. You love that you can buy natural beauty products made from essential oils. And what’s best is that with frequent usage you may even be able to get off some medications.

Sounds fantastic, right? 

But there was that one time you came across an article about safety issues. Or that friend (probably me) that told you to use them a little more conservatively than your other friend. You’ve read about the dangers of using them while pregnant and on children. Maybe you put some peppermint oil a little too close to your eyes and found out the hard way that oils are strong! You’ve seen the disclosures on your favorite sites about how the claims being made haven’t been evaluated by the FDA.

You’ve seen enough to begin to question what’s safe or how you should use them, and that’s great! Maybe you totally drank the Kool-Aid after you went to a class, but then came across a few of things mentioned above and you want more information.

I remember when a neighbor invited me to a class at her house. I told her that I did not want to be pressured to buy anything because I wasn’t going to and I didn’t want to have to make a scene at her lovely little party. We’d already begun our natural/alternative lifestyle in other ways, but I’d never used essential oils. I was skeptical.

So, I left the party with some free samples and loads of information that I wanted to do my own research on. What I found was a lot of claims by people just like me, users of the oils and they were usually trying to sell something. It wasn’t until I got the oils on our bodies that I realized their potency and effectiveness was everything I’d read about. I invested $200 and haven’t looked back.

Now, I don’t know where you are on your essential oil journey. Maybe you’ve only heard about them here and there, maybe you just took the leap and invested a couple hundred dollars into them. Wherever you are, you are not going to want to miss this FREE Essential Oil Revolution!

It’s a first of its kind with leading experts speaking about everything from purity, safety, oils during birth, pain remedies, oils and cancer, daily uses, you name it! Speakers include doctors, aromatherapists, chemists, and yes, users like me! Possibly the best part is that no one brand of essential oil is associated with this summit so you don’t have to sit through another discussion about why this brand is better than that brand.

Check out Day 1! Is this for real? How awesome are these topics? And this is just the first day, this event goes from May 11-18!

day 1 eo summit

Register for this free event now! What have you got to lose? Even if you’re only able to listen to a couple, it didn’t cost you anything. The information that will be shared is going to be invaluable to anybody who’s interested in gaining knowledge about essential oils!

Have you signed up for this event yet? Which speaker are you most looking forward to hearing from? 

What do you think?

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