I’m a lover of Jesus. I’m a seeker of Truth. This site is going to have things on it that many people won’t agree with, and that’s okay. While I am not perfect and should not be a substitute for The Word of God, here you will find writings on my faith. I hope you find encouragement through these writings and your walk with Christ is strengthened. I will answer any questions you may have and welcome other Christian’s input and knowledge.


What’s Keeping You From Being a Godly Wife? Part 1
What’s Keeping You From Being a Godly Wife? Part 2
What’s it Like to be Married to Me?
5 Tips on Becoming a Godly Wife
What is Biblical Love?
Marriage Purpose Statement 2012


6 Parenting Tips from a Non-Parent (but based on a pastor’s teaching!)
Talking To Your Kids About Being Different+5 New Questions to Encourage Conversation about Church

Bible Study

7 Bible Study Tips That Changed Everything
Tips on Studying John
What’s in John + A Hollywood Interpretation 


Leaving Room for Peace: 8 Ways to Eliminate Anxiety
Giving More
Assembling Bags for the Homeless
The Importance of Easter
Baptism: The Outward Expression of Faith
Alternative Christmas Traditions


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