4 Weeks with Redmond Clay & 5 Uses

Redmond Trading Co was kind enough to send me a review/giveaway kit, most of which I get to use and write reviews (like this one!) for you and the rest I’m giving to you.

Redmond is most known for two products: dirt and salt.

We cook everything with Real Salt now, and I don’t feel bad for using a little more than I normally would. This one-pot dinner is similar to Hamburger Helper, only much tastier and using only real food. Oh, and it’s super easy. Don’t miss the giveaway I’m having on their Bath Salt!

Redmond Clay

Their clay has been called The Healing Clay and has been around for thousands of years. Their clay is a bentonite clay, which is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate.

An aluminum what?

When we look at the clay on its molecular level, it’s got a highly negative ionic charge. This is good because most of the toxins in our bodies have a positive ionic charge. The clay, and thus the naturally occurring aluminum within the clay, act as a magnet and draw the toxins in, holding them there until all are excreted or removed from the body. 


Adsorption works by the method I described above. Naturally, ionic bonds seek to find their mate, a negatively charged ion seeks out a positively charged ion, thus becoming a pair and remaining that way until our body has eliminated them. Again, think of clay as the magnet (negative charge) and toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals as metal (positive charge). The clay adsorbs, attracts and holds onto, toxins and our body gets rid of the pair.

Internal and External Uses

Redmond’s bentonite clay can be taken internally in the form of a pill taken as a dietary supplement or added to water. The clay’s ability to draw out toxins in the body help to promote well-being. People have successfully helped their diarrhea, constipation, allergies, and stomachaches by taking bentonite clay.

Externally, clay can be used on the skin to help with bruises, cuts, stings/bites, acne and much more. The cooling effects of the clay can also help with rashes and achy joints.

So how have we used Redmond’s Clay in the last month? 


Redmond’s Facial Mud
First, I’ve used the Facial Mud a couple of times to help with hormonal acne. Upon application, the cooling effect of the clay was nice, and as it began to dry I could feel my face tightening. To remove, use a wet washcloth and gently pat/rub the dried clay off. I noticed a reduction in the pimples on my face after 2 uses.

Whether you’re using their mud to help eliminate acne or just to draw the toxins from your face, this product would be nice to have when your face is just feeling “dirty”. It would make a great gift for someone too. One bottle would probably do for 4-5 facials.

Redmond Clay Powder has been used for a sprained ankle in our house, yes my sprained ankle. That’s what a heated tennis match will get you, I suppose. By combining the powder with water and mixing with a wooden or plastic spoon (don’t use metal, it reacts with the clay!), you can make a poultice to apply to ankle. Using plastic wrap to keep the poultice in place, leave the clay on overnight or for a minimum of 4 hours. I noticed a reduction in swelling and pain after my second application.. Add some essential oils to help with inflammation, melaleuca and lavender.

The hydrated clay mixture will keep in the refrigerator indefinitely, just be sure to store in a glass container, never using metal to store or mix. I usually mix 1/4 cup clay with water, adding a little at a time until the consistency is like that of a thick mud.

Clay Powder II The dry powder has also been used (using the method described above) to help sooth and stop the spread of poison oak. My husband got into some serious oak and after store bought calamine lotion failed to help, we made up a mix of clay powder, water, melaleuca, and lavender essential oils. While the clay did not dry out the poison oak like we were thinking, it definitely gave him a soothing relief from the itch and we think it helped to stop the spreading.

Clay Powder III I’ve been making deodorant for about 5 months now. We’ve tried several different recipes, but this one is what we’re currently using. Add some essential oils to this too!

This is Redmond’s toothpaste, and I’ve been using the peppermint flavor for about a month. I’ll be honest, it takes getting used to.

It’s not like any toothpaste you’ve ever used.

If you think you might be ready for what’s in the tube because you use a “natural” toothpaste, I’m here to tell you, Earthpaste is not like anything you’ve tried before, natural or not. In the past, I’ve used Tom’s of Maine and a toothpaste from doTERRA. It just doesn’t compare.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, let me tell you why I like Earthpaste. Obviously I like it because it’s natural, nothing funky and if I’m going to be using it everyday, I want to know it’s pure and natural.

While I do recommend Earthpaste to anyone looking for a natural toothpaste, your first experience will likely not be as positive as this guys was. Okay, really, jump over there and check out that 2 minute video, it’s pretty darn funny. In my opinion, while the commercial is transparent about the lack of foam and why that doesn’t mean your teeth are clean, that was probably the hardest part for me to get over. While you’re brushing, it really doesn’t feel like your teeth are getting clean. But keep going.

The clay’s ability to remineralize your teeth should be enough, but I love the peppermint flavor. If you buy the toothpaste and am super mad at me after your first use, give it a couple times. After my second use, I had grown used to the texture and flavor and now I love it. The best part, you can swallow it. I don’t recommend squirting half the tube in your mouth like the fellow in the video, but this product is completely safe for kids. In fact, I have one Lemon Flavor Earthpaste for Kids that I’ll be giving away to one lucky winner. Stay up to date on my Facebook page for that.

So, now you know. We’ve used dirt to make our armpits smell lovely, remove toxins and acne from face, heal sprains, reduce itch and spreading of rash, and to clean our mouth. We’ve just been promoted to a whole new level of hippie. Hooray!

I love some of the uses for bentonite clay in this post by Empowered Sustenance. Mascara and homemade calamine, yes please! We may have been on to something as kids, mud pies…. Hmm.

Would you ever consider using dirt to get clean? Or do you already use dirt and if so, how?

2 responses to “4 Weeks with Redmond Clay & 5 Uses

  1. I only know of ordering it online, either through Redmond's website or maybe Amazon. I've never looked for their clay in stores, but I do know that I've seen their Real Salt in a few stores.


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